GiMeSpace QuickMenu

GiMeSpace QuickMenu

GiMeSpace QuickMenu

While ms is annoying windows desktop users with metro/modernUI, and other companies are restoring things back to the old, GiMeSpace is offering desktop users something much better: the most simple and fastest task launcher&switcher possible! GiMeSpace QuickMenu! Press a custom assigned mouse/keyboard key, the menu pops up at the place of the mouse cursor, move to the desired task, release the key, and that is all! Can not be quicker or easier! In the control panel you can select the "hotkey" that you like to use to make the QuickMenu show up. If you rather like one click to make the menu show up and then an other click to select the desired task then you can select "allow click activation".

Everyone that is using the desktop mode of windows (it does not matter if you have a regular start menu or not)

This software is designed for minimum mouse movements/clicks to switch and launch new tasks and programs. Faster and more effective then GiMeSpace Quickmenu is not possible because it only uses one click and one short move of the mouse!

User reviews about GiMeSpace QuickMenu

  • Lars93

    by Lars93

    "Can not be more efficient"

    Going beyond the start screen/menu this utility does things right. This is truly the fastest task launcher and switch...   More.